Alfa Genetics is an authorized distributor, importer and service provider of the renowned European brands. We offer a superior apparatus, reagents and consumables for use in laboratories in the field of science, research, medicine and diagnostics.
Liquid Handling Equipment 


Automated pipetting systems
Mechanical variable automatic pipettes
Mechanical fixed automatic pipettes
Electronic – digital pipettes
Manual dispensers – Combitips Multipette
Hand held pipettor – serological
Bottle top dispensers
Digital burettes – Titrators
Peristaltic pumps

Equipment for the operation of the cells and cell cultures


CO2 incubators

Equipment for the preparation and processing of samples


Mixers and Thermo-Mixers
Thermostats and thermal blocks
Magnetic stirrers
Water baths
Water baths – shakers
Shakers, rockers, rotators, vortexes
PCR apparatus and Real Time PCR apparatus
Spectrometers and photometers
Electrophoresis systems
Microplate Readers & Washer
ELISA readers
Western blot of the gel imaging systems
Systems for gel photo documentation
UV instruments and safety equipment

Storage, storage and cryopreservation


Refrigerators and Freezers
Combined refrigerators and freezers
Freezers, ultra low temperature
Apparatus for storing blood
Portable refrigerators
Containers for Cryo preservation of biological samples
Vessels for simple use a small amounte of liquid nitrogen
Containers for storage and transport of liquid nitrogen
Pressure vessel for the storage and dispensing of liquid nitrogen
Vessels for the transport of biological samples
Vessels designed for dermatological applications
Tools for control of the speed of freezing for all types of samples
Tools for monitoring temperature
Tanks for liquid oxygen
protective Equipment

Laboratory consumables


Bags for autoclaving of biological waste
Boxes for disposal of biological waste
Laboratory filtration systems
Microtitration plates with 96/24/6 wells
Boxes for storage of samples
Transfer pipettes – by Pasteur pipette
Autoclavable boxes for tips
Tips for automatic pipettes
Micro tubes – eppendorfice
Falcon centrifuge tubes
centrifuge tubes
serological pipettes
Petri dishes

Blood collection and diagnostic products


Systems for venous blood collection
Systems for capillary blood collection
Kits for urine and feces
Kits for sputum
Various tests

Medical products and hospital supplies


Systems for drainage of urine
The infusion / transfusion
Defrosting and heating
Labeling syringes



Mixing of blood and measuring the
Sealing and “stripping”
Transport and storage
Incubators and Agitators
Accessories for blood donation

Medical instruments, laboratory automation and sample preparation


Clinical electrophoresis
Thin-layer chromatography

Laminar, UV cabinets and equipment for IVF


IVF cabinet (laminar flow chamber) with ICSI and IMSI from the Desktop
IVF cabinet (laminar flow chamber) with ICSI and IMSI with heating Desktop
Class II Biosafety Cabinets
Anti-vibration tables
QA & QC laboratory equipment
The heating blocks and glass display
PCR chamber with UV Recirculate air
Laboratory furniture

Reagents for research that meets almost all the requirements of scientific research :


Sample preparation – the purification of biomolecules
Electrophoresis – from sample to image
Collagenase & neutral protease – for Tissue Dissociation
Life Sciences – from cell to molecule
Enzymology – enzymes, materials , inhibitors , detection of
Microscopy – Fixation , Embedding , Staining
Ion Exchange Media – for bioseparaciju
Epigenetics – solutions for DNA methylation and DNA – protein interaction
Analysis of FFPE samples – art technology for reliable analysis of FFPE samples
Gene Expression Analysis – everything you need for sensitive and reliable qPCR and QRT – PCR
Gene Silencing – RNAi world-class solutions on which you can rely on
Genotyping – a wide range of applications for genetic differentiation
miRNA research – technology for miRNA profiling and quantification
Next- Gen Sequencing – Innovative technology that will speed up and simplify work
Protein Science – technologies that simplify protein research