Founded in 1968, CryoPal is an engineering and production entity of Air Liquide Group. It’s core business is the design, manufacture and marketing of vacuum lines for cryogenic fluid transfer and cryogenic vessels from 0.3 litres to 1,000 litres. Product range includes:

  • Cryogenic vessels for cryo preservation of biological samples.
  • Dewars for easy use of small volumes of liquid nitrogen.
  • Non pressurized vessels for storage and transportation of liquid nitrogen.
  • Self pressurized vessels for liquid nitrogen dispensing and storage.
  • A dedicated line of vessels for transporting biological samples.
  • Vessels designed for dematological applications.
  • Control rate freezers for all type of samples.
  • Temperature traceability tools.+
  • A complete range of flexibles and vacuum lines.
  • Liquid oxygen reservoirs.